Terms and Conditions

Ganeshcrafts makes every effort to fill all orders we receive. However, there may be times when this is not possible and the order is cancelled. This may be due to factors out of our control such as stock availability. Other times an order may be cancelled due to payments with insufficient funds or fraudulent orders.

It is the policy of Ganeshcrafts to notify customers if an order or part of an order has been cancelled for any reason. If the cancellation occurs after the payment is processed, a refund for the amount of the canceled order will be refunded either with credit to bank or credit card accounts or by paper check.

If you elect to pay for an order with a paper check, your order will be canceled if we do not receive a payment within a reasonable amount of time. Likewise, we will cancel an order for insufficient funds.

Customer Cancellation Request

If you wish to cancel an order contact our Customer Service Centre as soon as possible. Once an order has been processed we are no longer able to cancel the order. Orders may be processed as soon as 12 hours after being placed, that is why it is imperative to check your order for errors before submitting it or if you change your mind to contact us immediately.

Refunds for Cancelled Orders

When an order is canceled either by Ganeshcrafts or the customer refund usually processes within 10 business days for a credit card or electronic payments. It will take longer to receive a refund if payment is made by paper check or money order. Refunds for check or money order payments will only be sent to the billing address on the order.

Ganeshcrafts is not responsible for refund delays caused by the account holder’s bank.
If you have questions about our cancellation policy, please email our Customer Service Center or call us at [email protected] or (307)-206-4369